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Deleted and Recovered

So you deleted that extremely important file from your USB drive, and all your pending work depends upon that very file, and you have to show it to work tomorrow. Looks like you’ve hit dead end, eh? Not really, because as irresponsible as it may be, it can happen quite often, and accidentally. Doesn’t mean you have to pay for it. You can work ahead of this little bit of problem. Yes, you can get it back. Phew!

Help is at hand, my friend! And it’s called PC Inspector File Recovery. It can help you get back your lost files from the USB drive. It comes with lots of buttons, so you will have to learn the instruction really well, and how to operate these buttons. Yes, this is of utmost importance: you must learn to work well with the user interface, because you can press anywhere (it is ubiquitous with buttons) that seems workable, but you have to press the right ones. There’s a 5 MB long file. You must remember, this PC Inspector File Recovery tool is really an amazing tool that works wonders, but using it is just as critically important. You have to master the ‘art’ of the interface, and learn to work yourself around their options.

But all that hard work pays off in the end: you get the results shown to you right away, and there you go your deleted file right where you want it! The PC Inspector File Recovery tool recovers the deleted, most eagerly awaited file, and presents it right back to you. The results also tell you the modified dates and also the state of the file that was once deleted (but now recovered!).

Deleting into the recycle bin is one thing, and deleting from a USB drive is quite another. Recycle Bin still contains the file and can restore it back. From once you delete in from the USB drive, you send it flying across the hard disk, where it quietly remains there, until some other file comes along and equally quietly overwrites it out of existence completely. So if you’ve deleted it, and you want it back, make sure the passing of these two events occur is quick succession, with almost no other file installing or creating in the middle, because that can mean overwriting. The recovery will only work if it hasn’t already been overwritten. In fact, that’s the catch. Downloading and installing the PC Inspector File Recovery tool and its files itself are a cause of worry in this case because it can overwrite the deleted file, and thus itself destroy the files. So be careful with that. And that’s how you Recover Deleted Files from USB Drive.

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